June 2019: Get to Know the Founder - Ann Jenkins


Canadian moves to Spain and has a mission to save the beach. 


The Business of Saving Our Beaches


Radio Interview - to come soon

March 2019: 3 Beaches, 31 Teams, 543 Volunteers 


(March 23, 2019) Treinta equipos han participado en la iniciativa de la asociación 'Playa Patrol' para concienciar sobre la basura en las playas


(March 21, 2019) Será la primera de las tres acciones que tienen prevista realizar en las playas de la Herradura, San Cristóbal y Velilla


(March 23, 2019) Un numeroso grupo de voluntarios de diversos países han participado este sábado, a partir de las 10 de la mañana, en la limpieza simultánea de las playas deSan Cristóbal, Velilla y La Herradura.

March 2019: 3 Beaches, 31 Teams, 543 Volunteers 


(March 14, 2019)  Spring Clean The Beach is only 2 weeks away and Playa Patrol Ocean Ambassadors are busy signing up Team Captains and Volunteers.


(March 23, 2019) Expanding beach clean ups to multiple beaches and towns on the same date is a major undertaking and would be impossible without the hard work of our Ocean Ambassadors.

Playa Patrol: Playa Velilla

(March 24, 2019) A total of 31 team captains and 583 volunteers from 27 countries participated in the PLAYA PATROL SPRING CLEAN THE BEACH event.

February 2019  Beach Cleanup Student Video Competition: 

10 schools, 500+ Students  

Erasmus Student Exchange

(February 4, 12019) PLAYA PATROL educates students on how to sort and catalogue plastic litter collected from the beach for a video project sponsored by Playa Patrol.


(February 7 2019) Los centros escolares de Almuñécar se echarán a la calle el 14 de febrero por "amor al planeta"


(February 15, 2019) 10 local schools participate in a Beach Clean Up Video Competition sponsored by PLAYA PATROL.

February 2019: Beach Cleanup Student Video Competition

Playa Patrol 1st Prize Winner €100

(February 14, 2019)
CEIP La Santa Cruz Class 6A
Team Captain: Dori Lopez 

Playa Patrol 2nd Prize Winner €50

(February 14, 2019)
CEIP Virgen de la Antigua Class 5B
Team Captain: Carmen Cortes Gonzalez

Honorable Mention

(February 14, 2019)
IES Ál-Andaluz  Class 3B
Team Captain: Roberto Boto

February 2019: Beach Cleanup Student Video Competition

Top 10 Videos

Check out the link below for the winning videos in the Student Video Beach Clean Up Competition


A total of 543 students from 10 local schools, including 25 exchange students from Leipzig International School (Germany), participated in a beach clean up video competition.

Erasmus +

We will never forget our hardworking activity in the beach clean up held in Almuñécar to promote clean lands and oceans in our planet. 

January 2019: Plastic-Straw Free Campaign


PLAYA PATROL is working with the local beach bar association (62 restaurants) to go plastic-free


(January, 2019) Chiringuito Association is Proud to Be Plastic Free / Vivir Sin Plástico


(January 15, 2019) Se sumarán así a la iniciativa de la asociación Playa Patrol: “PROUD TO BE PLASTIC FREE / VIVIR SIN PLÁSTICO”.

January 2019: Secret Beach Clean Up 1.5tonnes removed


Playa Patrol is on a crusade to #keepourseaplasticfree


(February 22, 2019) Town Hall shares importance of beach clean ups.

YouTube - Playa.Patrol Channel

Volunteers remove 8 abandoned boats, fishing nets and other beach litter totalling 1.5tonnes.

October 2018: Our First Beach Clean Up Attracted 350 Volunteers


(October 6, 2018) It is obvious that cigarette butts and micro-plastics are one of the biggest threats to the sea. Fourteen teams collected 12kg or 24,000 cigarette butts in just under two hours.


(October 9, 2018) A member of "Team Happy Fish" shares her family thoughts during our beach clean up.


(November 13 2018) Our planned beach clean up at Playa Cantarrijan was cancelled due to bad weather, but we still received lots of coverage calling for volunteers.