Playa Patrol 

Our Mission: Think globally and act locally to help keep our sea plastic free.

29 towns • 73km coastline •  42 beaches

We are a not-for-profit association that organizes environmental volunteer-based community events to raise awareness and to clean local beaches.  We want to ensure that everyone that lives along Costa Tropical in Andalucia Spain is aware of the harm that single-use plastic has on the sea and on our planet. 

People ask us how we do that? First we develop a passion for impromptu and large scale community beach clean ups. Then we involve local schools and businesses interested in making a difference.  

Why not join us at our next beach clean up on Sunday, September 30.  It's FREE to register.

Meet the Core Team of Ocean Ambassadors!

La Herradura
Ann and Christopher Jenkins
English, French

We ❤️ the sea.  
You can usually find us on the beach picking up litter.  

Ann-Marie and Rolf Bönström Hedberg

Swedish, English, Spanish, Portuguese

We ❤️ recycling!

Dita Grunte and Rafa Coelho
English, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese.

The future is our youth.  We ❤️ to work with kids to teach art through recycling

Juan Manuel Peréz
Spanish, English, French, German, Italian

I ❤️ the earth and I am committed to improve it.

Ivonne Cabrera
Spanish, English

Quote to come